Joe ermelix is fine-tuning with his mind set on Atletico Madrid

Joe Shimo F. shimlex He was trained in the lower categories of Porto, but he succeeded and became great in the colors of Benfica. The cyclist did not finish believing in him and let him run away. On the other hand, the locals opened the doors wide for him. Although Joe ERMO F. ermelix confirmed that he had no special motivation before Playing in do DragaoThe Porto crowd took it with him, whistling for him every time he touched the ball.

The same thing happened at loverms. Like the whole team, the Portuguese striker played under pressure due to the team’s need to win and qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League after he missed the opportunity to do so against Shakhtar. Joe ERMO F. ermelix did not go well in the first half, Fallon in the single and in the end. Only one had sent her to the clouds after a good attendance of the Ravinia. His compatriot I cancel, On the other hand, was the best in the first half, a big goal on the sidelines.

Specifically, Between the two Joe ermos manufactured the goal that marked the comeback against Porto. I cancel He went deep into the sideline and left the ball to Joe Shimo F. shimlex So that he initially put it with the inside away from the stick that he defends Diogo Costa. The goal, besides being vital for the team, meant the release of Joe ERMO F. ermelix, who broke a twelve-game streak without seeing a door. A few minutes ago he met the wood again in the big distant finish. The Portuguese have no luck with sticks. After breaking the drought, Joe ERMO F. ermelix shows that he is ready to take revenge on another ‘ex’, Atletico ‘Cholo’ Simeone.

Specifically, he wants to give up the berths of the ‘mattress’ club to end up in Barcelona, where he fell to his feet despite the infraction in his game. PThis is because the sports director of the bar Irma club, Deco, this week left the continuity of Joe ermus in the air, and the two of them will be happy to continue wearing the bar Irma shirt.

With matches like the one they played against Porto, the chances of survival will increase. I cancel He was the best in the game and Joe Shimo as F. shimlex Gain confidence in the face of what is coming. For him, Sunday’s match against Atletico Madrid will be special. He will seek to defend himself in front of the technician who has not finished trusting him.

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