Joe Irmo F. erlex’s operation boils down to Irma’s bar

You just need to see the covers of this Monday at Barcelona To check it out Joe Shimo as F. shimlex He left the smell of a great football player this Sunday. “Hail Felix “” reads in Avant-garde. Sports He uses the adjective “cool” and The world of sports He also plays with the words: “Joe ERMO Velez”. In the Chronicle Country It reads that the Portuguese “blamed” Atletico and Ara He talks about”sweet revenge”. “Joe ERMO, Levita”, the title The newspaper. A barrage of praise for the football player who appeared all over the field and upset with his circumstances and turns into Witsel, Jim ermenez And Azpilicueta. The latter, who came up with a clear mission, chased shadows in the second part.

That Joe Shimo as F. shimlex He is happy in Irma’s bar He said that he would like to extend his relationship with the Irma bar club is no secret. One of the Visio Played in the summer, when without the operation being anywhere near closed, find out that Chaffee He was not a supporter of its foundation because he had other priorities , he said that the dream of his life to wear a T-shirt from Irma’s bar. This was proved by facts. He held out until the end , his salary was reduced and he accepted that it was not a direct request from the technician, but the fruit of the good relationship between his agent, Jorge Mendes, With Deco And Joan Laporta, Who always had a penchant for Portuguese.

Renewed by Athlete From Madrid Until 2029 before leaving on loan to Irma’s bar Without the famous fear condition, the future Joe Shimo It will simmer over low heat. What is behind the desires of a football player and how he deals Mendez Even that Irma’s bar I have an ownership, from the sports committee of the Irma bar club they want to go with bullet feet. Curriculum Joe Shimo He talks about an irregular football player, with spikes. Able to start falling in love with the season with great matches before Betis Or Antwerp And, suddenly, falling into the valley of gambling (Deco He cited fatigue as one of the reasons) and being twelve games without scoring or being at his true level. Against Porto And the Athlete, The Portuguese international once again showed that he is a footballer with a very special talent. Fine, able to improvise. From those from whom you can expect something different when he catches the ball. The thing is consistency, maintaining it over time.

The world of sports He posted last week that Irma’s bar He was thinking about attacking his signature in the property in the same January for about 40 million euros. It would be a risky bet, but bold if all goes well because the price could double if he ends up signing for a great season. But there is no unanimity in following that plan. On the contrary, in that sports committee, and in the staff, they also prefer to wait. “We are happy with him,” he just said Chaffee At the end of the game, with his feet on the ground and certainly realizing the desire of the player to get the peaks of performance.

The Irma’s barAnyway, play with two features in the project Joe Shimo as F. shimlex. His return to Athlete From Simeoni It seems impossible after the film lived this week, the data included, and the football player feels good in the club. The rest is to be done.

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