Juan del Val confirms that Juan Ortega “restored all the transitions” after canceling his wedding from Carmen Otti

The bullfighter Juan Ortega I decided Cancel your wedding ceremony With Carmen Otti On the same day of the link, which was supposed to be held last Saturday in yorkrez de la Frontera. Celebration its cost, according to the program ‘and now sunsols’, can reach a total of 90,000 euros.

Marta kritikyan He points out that according to some media reports, the bride’s family decided not to sue him but will have to bear all the costs. Despite the Juan del Val Please note that all weddings are paid for at the time of the celebration. The collaborator asks him if his wedding gift has been returned and confirms this: “he All transfers returned“.

“Why is it so important who paid for the banquet?”, Asks the writer, in the face of what Nuria Roca “If they pay it between the two and they don’t get married because one of them didn’t want to, maybe it’s up to him to pay the full amount,” he answers.”

Del Val says that what happened ” has to do with Absolute consistency and way of being Juan Ortega. The least important thing for him is money, ” to which the presenter adds: “he could have made the decision a little earlier.”He is a person who does not betray himself in any aspect of his life and has made a decision that he had to make , there are no third parties or anything else, He is honest with himself“, Maintains the contributor.

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