Junqueras emphasizes in the referendum and affirms that independence will solve social shortcomings

President ERK , Oryol JunquerasThis Saturday, he stressed that it was his party that, through the work he has published in recent years, has allowed ” to open The path to forgiveness“. In his speech to the National Council of the equity and Reconciliation Commission, just on the day that The first meeting is held in Switzerland From the table of bilateral negotiations between jexcat and the PSOE, Junqueras claimed the negotiating work of his political formation.

In recent years, he has asserted, he has ” struggled Against oppression“To bring out those who were in prison” and eliminate the crime of sedition: “what we have done in recent years is what allowed Open the way Towards forgiveness”.

Amnesty “we took it for granted, for all the work we had done previously,” insisted Junqueras, who highlighted that the IARC, from the general and other institutions, ” worked for day to day The vast majority Society “, negotiating increases in the minimum wage or pensions.

He pointed out that in the recent negotiations with the Socialist Workers ‘ Party for the inauguration of Pedro svinchez, the equity and Reconciliation Commission reached an agreement on “Debt reduction From the general”. He said that despite the fact that Catalonia has a “historical record” of investments, exports and employment, it has a “fiscal deficit of almost 3,000 euros per capita”, so he chose to “have all the tools available to the states” and called for ” fighting for Self-determination referendum“.

According to Junqueras, independence will make it possible to have “more resources and more tools to improve the lives” of Catalans. He stressed that to make independence a reality, it is necessary to ” build a large majority, many alliances and collusion, Inside and outside ” Catalonia.

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