Kotexabank distributes profits of 231 million to BBK, kotexa and vital

<span class="ue-c-article__media-description"></p> <p> The headquarters of kotexabank , in Bilbao.<br /> </span><span class="ue-c-article__media-source"><span class="ue-c-article__media-author">PE </span><span class="ue-c-article__media-agency">Expansion</span></span>

The Basque bank agrees to pay on the account for 2023, which will be supplemented in 2024 to reach 60% of this year’s profit.

Kotexabank has paid BBK, kotexa, vital banking institutions and its three shareholders an interim dividend of EUR 231 million, in the form of an advance payment that will be completed as soon as this year’s accounts are closed.
This year, the dividends to the coin

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