Larin, the goal and the first win at home

Larin appeared just in time to make his debut as a scorer and star in the first Mallorcan victory of the season in Son Moix. Aguirre gets more credit, while Diego Alonso, with this defeat, sees his future on the nervy ocean bench even darker.

The match started at a very high pace, the tension was noticeable and what was at stake for both teams. The first ten minutes, at Son Moix, are usually in Mallorca, but Seville has presented credentials. Ocampo catches a ball in the penalty area and Rajkovic deflects his cross shot. A minute later Gudelj tried to recall the great goal he scored last season from thirty meters, but the ball went up. Those of Diego Alonso were keen on him, but he was not right and they were not lucky enough to face him. Lukibakiw made a perfect clearance to break the Scarlet defense, however, the ball hit him in the back and those seconds were vital for the Mallorcan withdrawal to deactivate the danger. The start was a visitor and his Son Moix held his breath when fortune took his side ten minutes later. A cross from Danny Ruud oshguez, a bad control from Samu Costa ends at the feet of Larin, inside the area. The Canadian makes a dry shot with the left foot stuck in the Left Stick of dmitrovich’s goal, who stretched out without a prize and saw how the ball entered.

Bad news was piling up on Sevilla before the break. Nastasic’s foul on lukipakio ended with the Sevilla player being injured and replaced by Januzaj. In addition to the first half, in neisseri, he disappeared from the initial whistle, he ended up being blamed for protesting the seizure of the railway that Alberola Rojas and Gil Manzano, in the four room, did not consider no.

Walking through the locker room serves as a pause, but not to change the dynamics of the match. Sevilla, overwhelmed by the scoreboard even more, tried to look for the Balearic goal, but Rajkovic deprived them of the award. In the 52nd minute, In neysiri he got rid of the center-back and was already deciding where the ball would go when RajkovicAgain, he brought him to the ground with an amazing hand. The Serbian goalkeeper was making the night bitter for them until Pedrosa appeared. The Sevilla winger stole a ball from Samu Costa in front and his shot ended up in the net, but Gil Manzano warned Alberola Rojas and having previously passed through the screen, the team canceled it out of the hands of En nissiri. Mallorca was awarded a penalty to Contra at the final stage, but dmitrovich won by one stroke ahead of Antonio severniches. In the end, the Scarlet team took a breath and Sevilla is still undefeated in the league and is thinking about Tuesday’s match against lens, in the Champions League to qualify for the Europa League.

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Adnan Januzaj (32′, Dudy Luke ushpakuyu), Slave Armen Prats (63′, Kyle Larrain), Giovanni Gonz (68′, Martin valgent), Tony Lato (68′, Jaume Costa), Manu morlanes (80′, Sergei Darder), Antonio severnchez (80′, Danny Roeder O’shaughnessy), Oshliver Torres (83′, Gabriel sue), Kiki Salas (87′, Edry Pedrosa)


1-0, 10′: Kyle Larin

The cards

Referee: Javier Alberola Rojas
VAR referee: Jess Ermes Gil Manzano, Eduardo Prieto Iglesias
Al-Nasiri (46′, yellow) Jaume Costa (67′, yellow) Bubkari Somare (73′, yellow) Slave Armen Prats (92′, yellow)

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