Las Palmas rock

Las Palmas adds and continues, now at the expense of Getafe. It was difficult for him to judge despite spending almost the entire second half with another player. Araujo was judged first and then Herrera at the end. Getafe, a lot of Defense and a little more. He had some courage after the expulsion from Alderete but remained in the fireworks.

The bordal Ermes team, no matter how much their coach says otherwise, has a style completely opposite to that of Las Palmas. At least, tonight. I just close the gaps, when I can,and in the attack to see it coming. Aggressive behind and fast in front. It was his turn, but this time he did not receive an award.

Because of what it is , it is Las Palmas is a team on the March. With Sandro as anchor in attack and Munir and Muliro playing on the sidelines for a leg switch, The isolated host was determined to take the initiative by shaking the ball. As far as I insist on bordalá, The differences in style between Getafe and the isolated team are more than noticeable: in the first half, 73.2% -22.8% in terms of mastering skins.

Las Palmas rock

Thus, Las Palmas took the initiative against the brazen defense of Getafe That VAR was only allowed to play with 11 football players, because Busquets Ferrer was clear that ermskar, who caught Araujo at knee height, had to go to the bunker. It was intended for visitors to endure rushes from the palms , and From Greenwood they began to show themselves little by little in the attack. In fact, he himself, in a passing counter, built up the courage with his left leg to put Valis in trouble from outside the zone.

Busquets Ferrer consults with far the possible expulsion of Oscar, which in the end did not happen.


<span class="mm__cap__txt">Busquets Ferrer consults with far the possible expulsion of Oscar, which in the end did not happen. </span><span class="mm__au">Carlos Diaz-Recio</span>

Las Palmas also quickly crumbled despite how uncomfortable she was on the grass no matter how much ball she had. Bordal Ermes managed to transfer the game to his territory, closing those internal passages that the team of your neighbor Irma Pimenta loves so much, They promised that they were very happy before Sandro’s goal was not worth out of the game, stopping the match when necessary.

In any case, Las Palmas has been quiet since Kerian became the master of the team, especially in the absence of Jonathan Vieira. The Tenerife midfielder insists on simple play, perhaps the most difficult thing in football. Quite a differential element. And with a tremendous ability to react like the one that allowed him, on the fly, to compensate for his loss after which the Getafe goal was sung. Shortly after He put a perfect ball to Araujo so that this, with a header, dislodged Syria and made it 1-0. And so the child put some spices in the match. Pi for his partner with the number 20 nothing is enough, so the opponent served an amazing new ball on the court, and this one is for Sandro, who ran to the big Surya.


Or that he was flattened, Las Palmas lowered the piston in the second half, Conditioned by this enormous stick of rain, after the expulsion of Alderete, this yes was confirmed by VAR. They even got to be cornered at some point by Getafe, which evaporated. 2-0 that Sergi Cardona would have been good had it not been for Soria’s stoppage came through Christian Herrera, As it was before Muliro but ended up being canceled, again VAR, which got the best rewards for his mysterious work. He, like his team, is also a rock. This is how his debut in scoring goals came about.

Las Palmas rock

With this victory Las Palmas continues to shape the 2023 that he dreamed of getting better. First he was promoted and now, after 15 days and kissing the sky in the first division, he has 21 points, overtaking Getafe. More Ant than cicada, his season, like that of his rival tonight, is at the moment exceptional.

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Juanmi latasa (45′, Jin Dak dakunam), Domingos Duarte (52′, Oscar Rod O’shaughnessy), Maximo Peroni (62′, Mounir Haddadi), Marvin Park (62′, Enzo Lodes), Juan Iglesias (78′, dami ocean Suzerains), Anthony Lozano (79′, Borja Mayoral), Christian Herrera (84′, Sandro Ram ochrez), Fabrizio Angeleri (88′, Diego Rico), Benito Ramirez (93′, Alberto Mulero), Daley syncgraven (93′, Kieran Rudd-O’shaughnessy)


1-0, 42′: Julian Araujo, 2-0, 91′: Christian Herrera

The cards

Referee: Mathieu Busquets Ferrer
VAR referee: Santiago Jaime Latre , Juan M. ochendez Mateo
Oshkar-E Rod oshgiz (10′, yellow) The age of the dirite (47′, red) Dami ocean Suzerains (54′, yellow) Diego Rico (68′, yellow) Luis Milla (69′, yellow) Fabricio Angeleri (90′, yellow)

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