Las Palmas traveler visits solid Alaves in his field


Garcia Pepper He has that Absolutely. Teams from the peninsula have no right to complain when traveling to Las Palmas or Tenerife. They are They have to Flying every two weeks And no They make excuses. The Item, Repeated, and brought up in Previous Which he did, electronically, from a hotel in Bilbao. The Canadian team traveled to Zaragoza, He was transferred to Tudela, Played a match Cup, Slept in Bilbao, repeated in the biscayan capital a second night and then spent the night in Vitoria Before playing the game (Follow the match live on AS.coM). After the same thing, Coming back home.

Las PalmasTherefore, he is putting a capstone in Vitoria today for his stay Five days In the The peninsula, With Kubera’s ranking under his arm after defeating El todilano. The A collection from your neighbor Irma Plaza He has an allergy Baja de Guevara, One of the instructor generals. The country football player who has the most minutes in the current season, but he is Penalties After I saw him The fifth yellow With the Mallorca. No They can play Giuliano And Panicheli Because of his injuries. They will be back before the season ends but Sedlar He has that No way After the operation of the anterior cruciate ligament with meniscus injury.

To Low – Already known, those of Eric Corbello, Fabio Lemos and Jonathan Vieira are Join one of Sandro’s In the Yellow box. “He will not be available for the match,”his coach commented. The doctors have told me that if nothing unusual happens, it will be Available In order to Next week:“He added. The two teams meet their goals and are in Comfortable area From Schedule But a bad line can take you back to conflicting territory.

Suri Kappa, He had registered at Tudela , and he could return to Axis of attack To move the band to the Menier, one of the pepper fixers. As MuliroMr. and being from an attack that is not conceivable without Kerian, A more decisive football player every day. In defense, Araujo I can Continue as a carrier At the expense of Alex Suarez.


Samu Omorodion


Restoration of possession

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