Lee Soon-Kyun, the star of the Oscar-winning South Korean film ‘parasites’, has been found dead

South Korean actor Lee Soon-KyunA member of the cast of the Oscar-winning film ‘parasites’ was found dead on Wednesday, While he was being investigated in the case of alleged drug use, Yonhap news agency reported.

Lee, 48, was found unconscious inside a car parked in a park in central Seoul at 10.30 am local time on Wednesday (1.30 am GMT), media reported. A briquette was found in the co-pilot’s seat and the police reported that Lee was leaving An apparent suicide note in his homeAnd that’s why they think he committed suicide.

Lee is being investigated on suspicion of using marijuana and other illegal drugs in South Korea at the premises of a hostess who works at an upscale bar in Gangnam district on several occasions since the beginning of the year.

The actor had the image…He missed three interrogations, Most recently at the end of last week, where he was questioned for 19 hours, and told investigators that the lady had tricked him into consuming substances, without knowing what he was taking. Lee tested negative for drugs in the reagent test he underwent during the investigation, as well as in a laboratory test conducted by the National Forensic Service in November.

The interpreter had yesterday submitted a request to the police department leading the investigation to submit him to a polygraph test, claiming his innocence. Lee filed a lawsuit in October against two people, including the aforementioned alter girl, for blackmailing him after news of his alleged drug use spread. The woman was arrested last month and it is understood police have applied for an arrest warrant for the other person, according to Yonhap.

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