Luis Suarez will be presented with Inter Miami on Friday, reports indicate

The multilateral system seems to be giving a new blow to the market at the last stage of 2023, Because the open secret seems to be happening; Luis Suarez will become a new player at Inter Miami This is how it happened in the last few hours.

In the absence of official confirmation “The gunman” He will join the list of football stars who defended the colors of the Bluegrass Barcelona In the past years: Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets; In a kind of” Last Dance ” with Inter Miami From David Beckham.

Uruguayan Luis suverrez comes from playing the last tournament with Jr ochimio de Porto Alegre for Brazilian football, With whom he kept him in good condition, and in an emotional farewell letter he noted: “You leave friends. Our children leave friends. I was left with the love that the people of garmio gave me as well as Internacional (…) Thank you very much for the love. I’ll see you soon.”

Reinforcement at the center of Inter Miami’s attack

The Heron They know that they must strengthen the axis of attack after the attacker is out Venezuelan Yusuf Martinez, So the rumors immediately pointed to The 36-year-old Uruguayan striker Who even already He has been seen at the team’s facilities in the last few hours.

Many insiders of the multilateral system have already reported on the confirmation of the open secret; there will already be an agreement and it will be a matter of hours to start a new chapter in the history of the deadly duo Lionel Messi-Luis Suarez, but now in the 2024 multilateral League season.

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