Luka Doncic’s latest ‘Impossible’ stunt that cost the Dallas Mavericks staff dearly

Luka Doncic is one of the best players currently in the NBA. The Slovenian, former for Real Madrid, landed on his feet in the competition and in the Dallas Mavericks that cling to him to achieve , or at least to fight, New episode. Before playing against the San Antonio Spurs, of course, he did something that cost his technical staff dearly…

Because betting against him is a bad idea. Because you know that you are likely to lose. The fact is that what he can do with basketball, on the court, is not normal. Not many are capable, which is why Doncic is so special.

It is clear that in the ‘staff’, after many years, they still do not know. Because If they knew they wouldn’t do what they did. And they are betting. Of course, they lost.

I had to put a basket on my back from half the court. As the Texas franchise said on their account ‘O’, he was able to do this. He was able to do this… To the first.

It is time for accountability. His “staff”, Butt with push-ups With Doncic who laughed and who made it clear that you are betting against him on the fair.

Then, against Tottenham,another exhibition. Luka finished the match with another triple From 39 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists in Dallas ‘ 144-119 victory over San Antonio.

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