Man regains hand mobility thanks to pioneering foot nerve transplant

A 55-year-old Italian man recovered Use of the paralyzed hand With the transplantation of the nerves of the foot thanks to the surgery performed For the first time In the world at the Cato hospital in Turin, in the north-west of Italy.

The patient suffered an amputation of half of his left leg and a complete injury to the brachial plexus of his left arm after a traffic accident. The procedure followed by doctors, He is known as a pioneer, Involves the transfer of a part of Sciatic nerve From the amputated foot to the upper body.

Now, they explain, ” the patient You will be able to learn gradually To control the use of the hand: at first he will think about the movements of the foot, but later, thanks to the adaptability of the brain, he will develop the new skill.”

In the process, which It lasted twelve hours, The microsurgeons Bruno Battiston and Paolo address, neurosurgeons Francesca vincitorio and Diego garbosa participated and the rehabilitation phase will be carried out under the control of specialists in Physical medicine and rehabilitation.

“The procedure has its roots in Four years of intensive research, Which culminated with the publication in the prestigious international scientific journal Injury and the approval of the Ethics Committee of the CIT d della Salute for its clinical application, ” they added.

In detail, the process consists of Replacement of a component of the sciatic nerve, The peroneal part, which normally controls the dorsiflexion of the foot, but has not been used due to leg amputation. This directed nerve transfer from the amputated leg to the paralyzed arm was intended to re-Innervate Brachial plexus damage, Paving the way for functional reactivation, ” they explained in a statement quoted by the eve agency.

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