Marl Ermen Moreau ‘ugly’ to a man who met her at the airport

Meeting with Famous It always attracts attention. That’s why, The mediator Go to the street to talk to Passers-by About his meetings with famous people. A boy he met with Paco Luverne A “very funny” meeting was held. He and a group of friends saw the actor coming out of The portal With a hat and glasses. As they approached to greet him, the lion asked them They won’t scream Because it was so embarrassing since he had to Hide At the gate.

She told a girl that she coincided with Cristiano Ronaldo At the reception of the hotel. “I was asking Episode“, The girl explained, something caught the reporter’s attention. “There was a man who showed him a lot and they were Doing business activities“He added. Despite this, the girl ended up Getting closer To the football player.

Another man tells that he met the diversity artist one day Marl Ermen Moreau At the airport. “I was putting on Belt After the selection I said ‘ Oh, Marl Ermen, What is our role to do , he looked at me with Contempt“, Says the boy. Despite the tense moment, she stated that if she was found again, I would like to come back To say the same thing. Moreover, the boy showed himself Understood His reaction since then, as mentioned, had he been famous he would have carried himself Fame: “She is my teacher, after all.”

Another young lady coincided with the Italian troupe Umkaniskin Leaving your hotel in Madrid. “They Major ErasmusThe young woman said. “They were the ones who made us They proposed Photo, ” he added. In addition, the meeting ended in Tattoos Since the singer wrote the girl a phrase that she ended up getting a tattoo. Despite this , it was very clear that if they were to be Search, I’d rather ” explode for a few Reeds“.

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