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Michel’s adventure as a coach of the Saudi holy is going in the right direction. The arrival of the Spanish coach on the bench of this club from the second category of the country caused the desired results. The team is in first place of the table, In the positions of direct promotion to the Saudi Professional League nascent in which Cristiano and Benzema compete… He has seven points on his direct pursuers, despite another game. Specifically, The one who played on this Christmas Day against the star, whom he defeated with a score of 3-0.

Two of the goals were the work of two of this team references, Senegalese Diani and an old acquaintance of Spanish fans, the case of Argentine Luciano Vito, ex-Atletico and Villarreal among others. The Peruvian Carrillo, or the Spaniards Joel Robles and ochelvaro goons ochelez These are other important names that emschel has in this ambitious project with a strong Spanish accent. From the coaching staff that arrived with emchel to the sports management and the members of the club’s organizational structure are Spaniards. An organization whose economic potential comes from a giant company like Aramco, Considered the largest oil company in the world and key in the investment made by the state in the field of sports.

His commitment to football is aimed at trying to make this club a team that can rub shoulders with the greats of the first division, a competition that aspires to become one of the most important in the world. On the bench, before the arrival of the Spanish, It was the attitude of the Englishman Robbie Fowler , who kept the team in the top positions , although inside the club they are convinced that the methodology of the Spanish technicians It’s the right line to follow for what they hope will be rapid growth.

Celebrating the victory this Sunday. Twitter:& & #10;


<span class="mm__cap__txt">Celebrating the victory this Sunday. Twitter: Twitter<br /> </span>

He was With amshel when Qadisiya broke into the lead. He took the reins of the team in third place, and although he made his debut with a defeat, he was the only one to take it. According to reports from the club, after that the debut, Emchel managed to organize a concentration in Dubai to try to convey his idea of the game and what he expects from the group. Since then, the team has added four wins and two draws that put it nine points ahead of the fourth-placed team, the first outside the promotion places.

This is the challenge facing emchel, who, after his experience in Spanish, Greek, French and even Mexican football, chose to try out in Saudi Arabia. The challenge is to get this Qadisiya, who hopes to remember his best moments, into the elite. Located in the city of Khobar, in its history it even managed to conquer a continental title, the defunct Cup Winners ‘ Cup of the AFC Cup, although more recently it was a lift club. Now, With a more ambitious goal, they entrusted the reins to emshel to become an authority in the emerging Saudi football.

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