Most scoring Atletico del Cholo

Atleti del Cholo has never scored more goals than this one. His team did not set a similar record during the twelve years spent at the head of the bench of Rojiblanco: 45 goals in 18 matches. The closest he came was in 2013-14, when he won the league for the first time against Madrid and bar Irma, Cristiano Madrid and Messi bar Irma. Even at this stage of the season he was wearing 43. Now there are two more. This Atleti del Cholo is the most scored team in the Champions League, tied with nothing more and nothing less than Guardiola’s Manchester City. And the one who has the most assists in total, more than last season and 2020-21, the following. And no balls or long balls. Do not pull the football. Even Oblak plays almost like a midfielder on the outlet of the ball.

Most scoring Atletico del Cholo

Because after 18 matches, Atletico del Cholo gave this a good 467 in total and it is Atleti del Cholo that puts the most crosses in the zone and the most successful (3.3%). From the bench, nine goals, a bench with hunger and guys who want to make a place at eleven, take advantage of every minute they have. “Minutes should be measured by quality, not quantity.”This phrase, which Simeone always repeated, is like a mantra made in football. Finally real. This athlete is also the one who scored the most matches. In 89% of these 18 he made at least one and only remained at zero in two: mastala and against Betis.

Griezmann and Morata

45 goals and two players, Griezmann And Murata, Together they have already scored 25 goals And in all these years of Cholo, when Simeone was the top scorer exceeding 20 goals per season, he won the league. In 2013-14 it was Diego Costa (36) and in 2020-21, Luis Suarez (21). Griezmann is seventh (13th) and Morata is eighth (12th). Meanwhile, goal after goal, Atleti wins. He is ordering.

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