Nico Paz leads the canteranos band

The most youthful expedition of the season at the Champions was this one in Berlin. Ancelotti received a boarding pass for five Castilian talents, some of whom made their debut in person, such as Mario Martin, Nico Paz and Gonzalo. The other two are, Lucas ka ochizaris And Vinicius Tobias, She was also somehow in orbit for the debut with the first team. Nico and Gonzalo have made the European trip on other occasions, but with the Arbeloa youth because they can still play the youth league by age.

Lucas ka ochizaris

The 21-year-old son of Santi CA ochizares started the season as a starter for Castilla due to an injury to Mario de Luis, but regained his place in the last two matches. Ka ochizaris junior He has been one of the complementary goalkeepers in the first-team rosters. In 2022-23 he was in eleven matches, between the league, the Champions League, the cup and the Club World Cup.

Vinicius Tobias, in the friendly match against am ocherica DM ochexico in the Madrid summer tour in 2022.


<span class="mm__cap__txt">Vinicius Tobias, in the friendly match against am ocherica DM ochexico in the Madrid summer tour in 2022.</span><span class="mm__au">Javier gandol</span><span class="mm__src">Daily as</span>

Vinicius Tobias

Another one has come from more to less this campaign. The Brazilian right-back turned Raul’s favor in favor of Laurent and his last start was on November 11, but he has the advantage that Ancelotti watched him closely. I hired him for the US tour two summers ago. At the age of 19, he faces his second loan in The factory Because they are still owned by the Ukrainian Shakhtar. The cost of login is 17 million dollars.

Mario Martin

Sonseca (19 years old) is one of rafikel’s main discoveries, which transferred him from youth B to Castile. Carlito He gave him the opportunity last season in the Copa del Rey derby in the semifinals. A midfielder with high tactical intelligence. He suffered a major shoulder injury, but underwent surgery in the summer and has already recovered. In the process he developed a very powerful overhead train.

Nico Paz and Gonzalo, in the match against Granada.


<span class="mm__cap__txt">Nico Paz and Gonzalo, in the match against Granada. </span><span class="mm__au">Javier gandol</span><span class="mm__src">Diary</span>

Nico Paz

A great gem of The factory He sniffs his first title at the Champions. The 19-year-old from Tenerife is an Argentine Under-20 international and current pichichi for Castilla, with seven goals. We have to add what he did for Napoli on November 29, the first with the seniors. Left-handed falls in love.


It costs him something more to move from youth to Castile, but His 35 goals last season were key in the treble of youth titles. In 2023-24 he has six goals: four with the subsidiary and two in the Youth League. He has already made his debut in the first team. It’s going up.

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