Norway is shocked by the best Leo Messi: “it’s a robbery…”

The choice of Messi as the winner of the best award caused great outrage in Norway, the country of Halland. Scandal, theft, cheating…! These are some of the qualifiers that the Nordic country’s media use to indicate the final result of the FIFA award.

The Verdens Gang


“Messi climbed to the top of the FIFA ranking ahead of Norway’s Haaland and Frenchman Kylian Mbappe. But the jury voting on FIFA websites shows a very close duel between Messi and Haaland. They scored 48 points each. But Messi received the most votes among the captains of the national teams, which makes the Argentine the winner according to the rules. Haaland was the favorite of both selectors and journalists. Therefore, it cannot be said that the Norwegian scoring machine left behind an adventurous first season with Manchester City. He constantly broke scoring records, won a hat-trick and subsequently received Honors, Distinction and several awards for his achievements last year. But in two prestigious awards he lost to Messi. It happened during the Golden Ball and now at the FIFA ceremony itself. The rating receives strong feedback.”


“Cheating: a scandal”

“Erling Braut Haaland (23) stood alongside the stars Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe in the final to receive the title of the best player of the year under the auspices of FIFA. The winner of the 2023 FIFA “Best” award was announced in London tonight and the winner is Lionel Messi. The Argentine also won in 2022 after leading the national team to win the World Cup. “A very strange decision: it should have been Erling Haaland, “” says Martin Ziegler in the Times. I would say it’s a scandal, ‘ NRK’s Carl-Erik Torp said live on air. Alfie Haaland was photographed raising his eyebrows in the lobby when Messi was named.”



“Lionel Messi was awarded the title of the best footballer of the year at the prestigious FIFA awards ceremony . This is with the smallest possible margin with Erling Braut Haaland. I have to calm down a little here now. I’m amazed. With all due respect Lionel Messi , the best football player of all time in my opinion. The year he spent, compared to Haaland’s impact on the city’s incredible season, seems surprising to me, says NRK expert Karl-Erik TorP, before concluding:’ I would call it a scandal.’”

Manchester Evening News


“Manchester City fans are outraged by the strange decision about Erling Haaland at the FIFA awards ceremony . Manchester City striker Erling Haaland was the favorite to win the player of the Year award, but lost to Lionel Messi. Manchester City fans have shared their anger after Erling Haaland lost the player of the Year award to Lionel Messi. The two tied after the coaches, captains, expert journalists and fans of the national team voted for the award. With 48 points each, the tie was settled by the number of First-Choice nominations of each player from the captains.”


Why Missy?

“Lionel Messi (36) was named the world’s best player of the year in London, for the eighth time. Erling Haaland (23) leaves behind him again. Both stars were conspicuous by their absence at the Hammersmith Apollo. 76 days ago, Messi surprisingly received his eighth Ballon d’or ahead of Haaland. Even then Lothar math ermus (62) complained: “the elections are a farce, although I am a Messi fan.”The Argentine made the World Cup finals well, but at PSG he stayed dry and went to Inter Miami. Haaland won three trophies with Manchester City and scored 50 goals, but it was not enough to take first place in FIFA either.”

The Daily Mail

“Messi is still the best”

“Lionel Messi won the FIFA Men’s award at a ceremony in London, just three months after receiving the Ballon d’or for the eighth time . The Argentine was on a shortlist of three alongside Manchester City striker Erling Haaland and Paris Saint-Germain talisman Kylian Mbappe, but he emerged at the top of the voting to lift the individual award. The captains and coaches of the national teams vote for the Best Awards and Messi tops the list even though it has been an incredible 12 months for the veteran player.”


“Messi, the best player of the year for FIFA”

“Lionel Messi is, for the eighth time, the best player in the world for FIFA . The Inter Miami player won the ‘best’ award for the best football player last year. The Argentine star tied on points with Haaland, with the tie-breaker receiving the most votes from the captains of the national teams. The Argentine was not present to get the distinction. Bernardo Silva and rumbendias, on the eleventh of the year”

Gazzetta dello Sport

“The best? Missy, of course.”

“The best? Lionel Messi, of course. The legendary Argentine, absent in London and replaced on stage by Thierry Henry, his former colleague and presenter, adds another award to his collection, voted by captains and coaches of national teams around the world, by a selection of journalists and fans. The best on the bench is Pep Guardiola, who thanks to the achieved hat-trick with Manchester City beat two Italian representatives of the night, Filippo Inzaghi and Luciano Spalletti, sitting in the second row next to him.”

Daily ol ol

“Another of the best of Messi: he won the tiebreaker!”

A surprise for the award won by the best in the world, over Haaland and mbabé. No one expected that the best in the world would win this time. Not even Henry himself, behind the rumors of the last few minutes. He said Messi’s name , went to receive the award and smiled: ‘unfortunately the winner is not with us tonight. Someone has to pick up the trophy… It gives you health… I’m picking it up because I haven’t received it so I’m keeping it, ‘ she said. While there was a surprise in London.”

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