“Now comes the most difficult period”

Getting there is one thing; staying there is another. They are very different. Many achieve the first point,but few achieve the second. This is what Aston Martin wants to avoid, a team that wants to win and has developed significantly in just one year. The team went from scoring 55 points to 280. To achieve, in 2023 and thanks to Fernando Alonso, eight podiums.

Yes, they have already arrived. They have reached the podium. They have arrived To be able to fight for victory. But this alone is not enough. That’s why they are working on, as Mike crack said, “the little brother of 23 OMR”

In the car they have a lot of hopes. In the future they have a lot of hopes. Fernando Alonso, of course, fired a warning to the brand in the words that are collected in ‘Autosport’.

“It’s the biggest question mark…”

And, as is customary with him , it was very clear: “now comes The most difficult time PAra Aston Martin”.

Next, it is explained: “in these The next two or three years, To find this extra, to create this ‘something’ that no one has… Be innovative and creative.”

“It’s the biggest question mark we have to do Facing each other“, Alonso tells the aforementioned media.

At the moment, 2024. 2024 in which Fernando already knows what the engine looks like that Mercedes is preparing to have inside his Aston Martin.

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