“Oh, I don’t use it, but I like it.”

The Emoji emoticons They have become another way of Communication. These symbols are different Meanings Which go far beyond Original meaning It leads to confusion. The Average Take to the streets to find out what Feelings They are the most used and have their meanings.

As for the Emoji emoticons The most commonly used, people go from The heart Even the one with a smile with A tear. A man admits that he uses a lot “One about the complaint“Because” complaining is important.”Two Ladies and gentlemen They tell the reporter , among them, the most sent is Laughter And also Roses. “In the morning, my friends sent a Rose, and women too The law To love each other, ” he says.

The mystery of some FeelingsThe man says that there are people who can Mixing When sending expressions from the heart. A girl is still in it The line He argues that she is who the person is UnlovedWhen they send him a heart, I don’t know what.” Response“.

The reporter shows Lady a Expressions From one Eggplant To tell her what it means to her. The lady says she can’t imagine what could Means. The woman decides to ask a The boy That the account represents the “penis”. On the other hand, another woman has Very clear The meaning of this symbol and the states ” I, I don’t use it But I like it.”

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