Oshpalos responds to Beyonce’s comments about Sanchez: “I think he’s a seducer.”

The writer Arturo P. ochriz-reverti He visited the hermgueiro program a few days ago and there he expressed his” admiration “for the head of government Pedro severnchez:” he Political adventurer, A gunslinger and a murderer: he has a deadly instinct for A good player Chess, ” he said, as the program indicated X-Play VI.

How it was sent, ” said the presenter Veronica Sanz. Although the deputy of the Socialist Workers ‘ Party Joseph Luis Luis Á Palos, Present on the set, went further: “I think that It is a temptation“, He announced, laughing, as can be seen in the video above.

“Just as you have said, “rarity,” apparently a story Fatal seduction“, Stressed oshpalos, who admitted the lack of knowledge about “how the statements of Ray academic sat down” with the president.

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