Pimenta: “Marcos Leonardo is ready to go”

Rafaela Pimenta, actress Haaland, asked before Sky Sports Italia About another of his representatives, the young Brazilian Marcos LeonardoThe what They were close to Roma in the summer transfer window. The 20-year-old striker has already scored 13 goals in 27 games in Brasílião, 21 goals in 45 games counting all the competitions he has played this season. The Brazilian agent believes that he is ready to make a leap to Europe: “It will be a question to ask Roma, Thiago Pinto (Roma’s general manager) will be there this afternoon. What I can say is that the player is ready to go and this time there is a fixed price, there will be no need for lengthy negotiations, The right deal was reached with Santos“. “He had to stay this summer for a variety of reasons, he did everything he had to do in Brazil to help the team and now he is ready to go.”

He was also asked about Pogba“As usual, he is optimistic and positive: he works hard, He is preparing for the time when his return to the field is possible.“. The Frenchman was punished for steroids after testing positive for testosterone, and Pimenta is one of the people who support him the most in this regard.

The lawyer believes that the winter market will have no surprises: “We have to be realistic: In the middle of the season, it is not easy for any team to part with an important player. We don’t want to put pressure on anyone, we want to respect the goals of the clubs.”

Finally, it is believed that Khufrin ThuramBrother Marcus (Inter) and son Lillian Thuram, will come to a great team: “He’s ready to make a leap to a great team, but I don’t think Nice can let him go.. It’s very important.”

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