“Puigdemont has not killed anyone , but the policies imposed by Fox are killing people”

“The problem with this amnesty, which is Exchange of Cards Between the president who wants to govern and the votes he needs, there is a practical aspect that I understand, ” said Benjamin Prado during his participation in a debate in X-Play VI.

“The Puigdemont’s dilemma was Or Fox. Puigdemont did not kill anyone. We don’t like what he did, we agree on that He committed crimesBut he didn’t kill anyone,” as can be seen from the video above.

In this sense, he emphasized that ” some of the policies imposed and proposed by Fox They’re killing people. Lack of investment in health and infrastructure…”. However, Prado noted that he does not like amnesty: “it seems to me Interference of political power And judicial. I don’t like these or the prosecutors either”.

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About the Author: Muhammad Idham