Racing de Ferrol wins in the field second place 2023

Football, sport, should always reward what athletes do on the field, on the pitch, and not the history or money that you have. Racing de Ferrol has received a bye for 2023 in the direct promotion , the second place and the surplus illusion in a new promotion were much better than Real Valladolid in Zorrilla And the victory was taken with all Justice. Busselans, with many players touched, absences and surprises in the eleven, continued the bad streak of the last month, losing three of the last four league matches, as well as the cup, while verulans closed a historic year with a prestigious victory and in the places of direct promotion to the first division.

Racing de Ferrol’s return to Real Valladolid in the first half was directly proportional to that given to pizzolano by Christophe urban barallo. Because the busilans tried to get the ball, but when they reached three quarters they crashed with the lines of the ferrolans together. They executed their plan perfectly. And it is that when they stole they went on the run, with the natural leg ends, with the arrival of three or four players. This is how ermelfaro’s goal came after a nice move between Pena and Losada, but this action was repeated several times. On the other hand, busselans, loaded with youth, tried, and Moreau lost due to muscle discomfort, by order of Montel, but did not give him the equivalence of the match or the result. It is difficult to score if you do not shoot on goal. The clearest chance for the hosts in the first half was a header from muncho to the Cross of Luis B. ochrez that went out. Ochelvaro had the option to double the Galician advantage, but Masip stopped well before Salazar threw himself into the zone and deceived Fuentes Molina, but VAR corrected him and the young striker saw the yellow card before the break.

Pezzolano’s team did not improve much in the second half Because although at that time Uruguay decided to put artillery: Kennedy, Cilla and Eve ocean – S. omenches, The fact is that it can be drawn only with ariones. Salazar He was able to score halfway , but he ran into Cantero , just as it happened Tunde This made ferulan’s goal look great, while against the Galicians they were looking for the final goal, which also did not come. And pizzolano will say that they had opportunities and they had, but not on the basis of football, but to put the opponent in the zone for apartments. Square I found a candid shot inside the area , but sent the ball into the clouds and Towers He nodded off before the end of the game , but glory, the runner – up, was Heading to the Ferrol race.

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Tunde Akinsola (39′, raucel Moreau), Mamadou Sella (60′, Israa Sala), The Canadian (60′, Manuel Pozo), Yves ocean semenches (61′, Johnny Montiel), Fran Manzanara (64′, Iker Losada), Nacho (79′, ochliks Il ochbiz), Manu Justo (79′, H. ombre Pena), Bryce Martinez (79′, Moi Delgado), Anwar Tohami (82′, muncho), Sergio Cubero (83′, Carlos Vicente)

The cards

Referee: Andres Fuentes Molina
VAR referee: Aitor gorostigui Vern omendez Ortega, Josep Anthony Viggo gatios
John Garcia (22′, yellow) Heber Pina (47′, yellow) Israa Sala (51′, yellow) Nacho (94′, yellow)

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