Ramis: “we didn’t get rid of the first part, but almost”

Espanyol, once again, misses the opportunity to break into the places of direct promotion. Block Perico (1-1) drew against Real Zaragoza and remains in third place, with the same 32 points as sporting and Valladolid, who still have to play in this round. The dismissal of Fernando Calero was a very heavy burden. And that the match became very expensive after the goal of Edo expresito. The problem was that three minutes after that 1-0 La Roja reached the center and this gave life to the Aragonese team, which did not waste it. Manu Vallejo made it 1-1. In the end, the blue and white block retained the point after a great effort. Ramis, at the press conference that followed the meeting, wanted to give value to the ability to sacrifice. Of course, it is not possible to avoid subtracting individual errors from the points again. Finally, it was revealed that Aguado’s change was due to the midfielder’s discomfort.

La Roja to Calero: “It is the interpretation of the verdict. I can explain that there may be a kick, and it’s not ill-intentioned but you can interpret it as if it were. If the referee says it’s red, from VAR they won’t tell him otherwise. It is decisive in the match, logically, but the referee’s decision is explainable. It could be red, yes.”

Calero fault: “I didn’t talk to him, I expressed and encouraged him because these are difficult moments and they can happen in the match. We have to learn from these experiences. The presence of 11 players on the field is very important. I’m sure you know that you could have solved the procedure in another way. We are focused on concentration after scoring a goal, it’s very important. We have to push it to the maximum and the players have to understand it. In this action he did not make a good decision and somewhat adapted the team.”

A point against Zaragoza: “We are not happy with this point, but we are happy with the effort. The point , given the circumstances, is not bad. We continue to add. The point is made and deserved. It’s very difficult to get something out of a match when you are in such conditions. I am glad that they got together well and understood what needs to be done. We had fixed ball options. We were confident that the second goal could come. Half an hour with one less well-motivated. When we were growing up, the parcel came. With 11 on the pitch, we had a lot of options going forward. But we have to adapt and give value to this point. We wanted to get the three points and didn’t take a step forward as long as we wanted. If you give the small ones one day we will get the big one because there is capacity.”

Bad first half: “We didn’t get rid of the first part, but almost. We have to offer much more. There are players who have to give more performance and it’s my fault to have a better version of the one they have. We’ll work to make that manifest. Of course, the team has an order because otherwise it does not get a point.”

The goal of promotion: “No one can sign anything now, the key here will be in the last ten days, which is a lot of points (30), they will decide everything. We’re going to have to come in strong and add things up. These points that have no value now at the end of the season probably do. We have to appreciate this point, but we have to work hard to keep growing.”

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