Real Madrid 4-Napoli 2: match summary, goals and result

How are you after registration? “Very happy. This is a dream. For a moment I didn’t believe it. Happy to help the team”

You have to be brave to throw like this: “I dared, I was in automatic mode and I didn’t even know what I was doing. I hit him… And afraid, the truth”

What a celebration with rumerdiger: “R. Digger is a crack, he always does the same thing. We have a great relationship. My colleagues are happier than me! Thank you for the support”

Support from fellow students“He congratulated me, as did the whole team. We are an amazing group”

Cuddle with the coach and teammates: “Ancelotti congratulated me . We are an amazing group. Thank you all”

The quarry: “We have one of the best academies in the world, if not the best. We are here for this… And let it serve as a message to the rest of the canteranos: it’s possible”

Another victory: “This year the team is playing like angels, to follow”

Nico Paz, A Real Madrid player, on Movistar +.

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