Real Madrid / Joselu and Kepa: two on loan, two destinations

One of those volumes that is opened in the offices of valdipipas will be unveiled every spring this season. When it comes to profiling the 2024-25 squad and dealing with the continuity of players who terminated their contract in the direct June, there will be a heap: footballers who ended their relationship with Madrid and those who ended their loan from other clubs. The situation that is faced infrequently in the Madrid entity (the last loans that the White locker room received were the aura in 2019-20 and Chicharito In 2014-15) and that this campaign will have two Champions: Kepa and Joselu. Two players related to Ancelotti’s scheme, but with very different circumstances.

Two have stepped down, two sources

Liga e sports 2023/2024

* Data updated as of December 22, 2023

If there is one who has options to stay this is Joselu. The loan of the Stuttgart-born striker 33 years ago was set as an opportunity for the market to be Squire Benzema, whose unexpected departure was a shock, filling the vacancy of Mariano. Espanyol’s relegation activated a clause by which he could leave on loan for a fee of half a million euros and COn a call option at a modest price of 1.5 million. A deal , at first glance and believed now that Joselu has put his credentials on the grass.

Two have stepped down, two sources
Two have stepped down, two sources

Fewer ballots to continue seems to Kepa. The 29-year-old De ondarua arrived on loan from Chelsea as an emergency solution to cover Courtois ‘ long-term vacation, Which the Crusaders broke two days after the start of the league. Kepa was on the verge of closing his loan to Bayern when the possibility of relegation appeared in Madrid. He was also not the first choice of the White club, Who first scouted the Puno Sevilla option (now at Saudi Crescent). But the Moroccan international had one drawback: now he was going to miss more than a month due to the Africa Cup dispute. An unequivocal sign that the club was looking for a goalkeeper with a starting role to save the season in the absence of Courtois and not a replacement for Lunin.

Joselu, lonely ‘9’

In addition to the fact that Madrid has a clear way to stay with him, Joselu’s service record is also more polished. And that as soon as the battering ram arrived, he encountered difficulty. Benzema’s hasty farewell, coupled with the need to find a fit for Bellingham, made Ancelotti touch his drawing. A new system without 9. In fact, the club, waiting for the implementation of Tinkerbell’s signing next summer – either with mbabé, or with Haaland-left this famous figure vacant. Joselu was not a key player , but he also had no one to fight with for the position

Joselu scored the goal that ended the score (4-0) in Real Madrid-Osasuna on the ninth day of Liga e sports.


<span class="mm__cap__txt">Joselu scored the goal that ended the scoring (4-0) in Real Madrid-Osasuna.</span><span class="mm__au">Florence Tan John</span><span class="mm__src">Diary</span>

Despite this non-specific situation, Joselu is the ninth player with the most minutes: 1091 (51 % of possible). In that no man’s land, the attacker shone. He has become one of the team’s offensive strongholds. He is the third scorer of the team with eight goals, Behind Bellingham 17 and Rodrigo 10. Joselu Average goal every 136 minutes, The pace of scoring goals that only Jude can afford, Who scores all 107′ (courtesy of Nico Paz, who scored a goal in 58 minutes). Madrid won every time Joselu scored, With important goals against Getafe, Real Sociedad, Girona and a double in Berlin.

A statistical comparison between Kepa and Lunin.


<span class="mm__cap__txt">A statistical comparison between Kepa and Lunin.</span><span class="mm__au">Bisoxer pro</span>

Kepa and the unexpected pulse with two colors

The biscayan case is the opposite. Kepa arrived to be a beginner , but left doubts, especially in the field of the passing game, And now his rank is being discussed. The small muscle injury took him three ko weeks. Lunin, who still has a contract until 2025, took advantage of this new opportunity to put Ancelotti on a break. The Ukrainian convinced the fans and the coach, that he will take this Christmas vacation to solve the dilemma of which of the two gives the property in the rest of the season. Joselu’s future in Madrid looks clearer than Kepa’s…

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