“Reply to all posts from the red and white side”

Joao F. ochlix He scored the winning goal for FC Barcelona against Atletico Madrid. All eyes were directed at him… He replied. Josep Pedrerol He has analyzed in his opening book’ jugunis ‘ his goal as well as the subsequent celebration by raising his arms.

“Joao made a dream match. He marked The decisive goal , which was the winning goal“, Says the presenter of the program”Goggins”.

And this is how he analyzes his celebration: “he did it by raising his arms. It was a gesture of relief and liberation. The answer to all criticism was, For all messages sent from the red and white side… Including Simeone, the biggest loser of the night.”

“Joao vindicates himself and sends a clear message: I’m staying in Barcelona… The price is determined by me”, Pedrerol ruled.

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