“Roses are red , riot gear is blue”

‘Bellucci’, and ‘Sephora statement’ performed by Cristina Gallego, Returns to the break group to continue the curiosity analysis Protests in front of the PSOE headquarters in Firaz They are still happening. Among them was a sausage barbecue in the middle of the street:” we ate it with our own hands, like simple people, like Muhammad, ” he says.

“Sephora statement” emphasizes that even “people of Culture” went to the demonstration , like the “poet” who devoted himself Insults of Pedro sventchez As a” psychopath, megalomaniac, liar, cheater, fly, coward, traitor, selling homelands, cheap pimp or petty dictator”, as well as asserting that”I despise you, you disgust me, nausea makes me vomit”. “With so many qualities, in the end it was not clear to me whether he liked her or not,”Wyoming says sarcastically.

They are also trying to decipher what the guy was trying to say from Screaming in the ear of a policeman“They do it to you in a theater in Pueblo Nuevo or Rapal with their breasts in the air and it’s one of those shows that Sandra pays 50 euros for, but this guy does it and he already has a wild sambinito,” says the “Sephora statement”, who dedicates a poem before leaving: “roses are red, riot police are blue, feminists and lousy socialists are gullible.”

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