Sanchez announces the abolition of cash withdrawal fees in the window for the elderly and people with disabilities

Pedro sventchez announced at a press conference two new “social measures” introduced in the decree-law that was approved on Wednesday in the Council of ministers. First of all, the leader of the executive from the Moncloa Palace announced that they were going to “Elimination of commissions Banking services By means of cash withdrawal In the window For the elderly and people with disabilities“. “This is an unequivocal measure of social justice,” he defended in this regard.

Similarly, Sanchez declared “Transfer of management of the minimum income Vitality To the communities The autonomous communities of the common system that wish it”, with the aim of”equating them with the communities of the Foral system that have already ceded it”.

The head of government also noted that Staple foods will continue to have no VAT Until next June, taxes on energy and banking services have been extended for one year, and VAT deductions on electricity and gas will be gradually withdrawn.

It also keeps the Measures to protect vulnerable families, As with the social voucher discount, the reduction in gas and butane prices is increasing, and the suspension throughout the year of evictions that have no housing alternative.

On the other hand, Pedro severnchez announced “80% reduction of electricity charges” And “flexibility in changing electricity supply contracts”.

In addition to announcing the measures adopted at the Council of ministers, the head of government also assessed the year 2023 and highlighted the “economic growth” that Spain will achieve: “

A year ago, the main international and national organizations predicted that the economic growth of GDP would be 1.2% , but today we know that Spain will grow twice, close to 2.5%, which means Four times more than the eurozone average“.

Regarding inflation, the socialist leader stressed that “a year ago it was 6%”, while”today Fortunately our inflation is 3.2%”. “Although we are “in a very complex context, we are on the right track,” much of this has to do with the positive development of energy prices and the “Iberian exception,”stressed severinches. “And so on, We are going to unload all economic resources To protect the social majority”.

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