Santander vs Oviedo live stream: Liga hypermotion today live

Precedents are far from home. “For me, there were matches that we didn’t play badly and there were open matches, with chances to win. It doesn’t worry us too much, we have to do things well and improve the rating. The result at home is very good and we have to make away better to keep getting closer to our goal.”

The elimination of Kubera and the effects on the morale of the group. “We are not worried about the mood, nothing like that. Yes, it bothers us to lose, but we have important goals ahead of us. If we win on Sunday, we will get 28 points and will overtake the race in the table. It seems to me that now it would be useful to say that falling into the Cup is the lesser evil, because we wanted to win. It seems that now we have to look for positive things, but we lost and took a stick. My understanding is that we have something important to regret. Not only for the Cup, but also for Miranda.”

League rival. “Racing is a good team, they have 28 points because they have done things very well so far and they have different players in midfield . We are going to try to make a good enough game, we will fight for 3 points.

Blues numbers since the arrival of the coach. “It doesn’t affect much, in the sense that I look at the rating and we are in eleventh place. It indicates that we have done things well, that we are on an upward line. We also know that once we start thinking that we are good, it gets complicated. We want to continue this upward line , it will be a good sign””

Oviedo’s proposal. “What we want is to control all the matches from the 1st to the 100th minute, but sometimes you can’t do that. At Castle ocean we wanted to, but we couldn’t.In Miranda, for example, we had it under control and in their first move they scored a goal for us. Making games as complete as Espanyol games is very difficult at Segunda, but that’s what we’re always looking for. You also need to know that if at some point the game goes crazy, then you need to know how to do things right. We will always try to keep the game under control.”

Injury to Santi Cazorla. “I don’t like setting deadlines, I’ve already done it with him and maybe we took a little more than the bill. Now we have to wait until Santi is fine, when I’m sure he brings to the team.”

Support the people at Santander. “It seems that the fans have marked Sunday’s match with an” X ” and so have we. We feel the illusion of people, they want to be with us and we will be stronger. We hope that at the end of the match we will approach them and celebrate the victory.”

Lewis Carey , Coach of Oviedo

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