Santiago Abascal assures that” at a certain moment “people will want to” hang the feet ” Sanchez

The The leader of Vox, Santiago AbascalHe confirmed this Sunday that” there will be a moment that people want.”Hanging from the feetTo the head of government, Pedro Sanchez , because , in his opinion, he is the one who ” sold “his principles and” could do anything ” for Staying in power, Even “trampling on laws”or”endangering national unity”.

For Abascal, the head of the executive branch is “not as cunning and skillful as people think,” but “a politician who has no scruples, has no principles,” and, therefore, “has a competitive advantage over honest politicians”who”They have a scaremonger Because we set limits on ourselves.”

“I have some Moral boundaries. I have some principles. I can’t sell it. Sanchez has no.”, Abascal has been identified in an interview with The Argentine newspaper klarmen During his presence at the inauguration of Javier Mele. In this he accused Pedro severnchez of being able to “walk the laws , do anything” and “endanger the national unity”, giving him a “competitive advantage” over the rest of his members Political rivals.

However, he noted that “there will be a certain moment” when “people will want to hang him by his feet”, defending at the same time that severniches will have to face the “strong opposition” of Fox. In addition, he was charged against “Dubious opposition“This is, in his opinion, exercise B because “he criticized him but offered his hand”. “Nothing can be offered to him. The total distance with the Socialists”.

And PSU responds to Abascal

Abascal’s statements were responded to in the Argentine newspaper by various leaders of the PSOE and Government ministers From Sanchez. Fourth vice-chairman, Mar Irma Jess Ermes MonteroHe has described her as “unworthy” because she is ” a Dangerous incitement to hatred“. “One day we will regret irreparable harm. Does fig ERMO have something to say? Isn’t that enough to kick them out of the governments they share? We demand immediate condemnation, ” he asked on the tenth social network.

Along the same lines, the spokesman of the Socialist Workers ‘ Party spoke at the Congress, Patxie Lopez, Who mocked the leader of Vox for going to the inauguration of the Argentine president, Javier Mele, to “meet” with Hungarian Viktor Orban and “vomit threats against the head of government”. “It is a totalitarian image that has crossed all boundaries,”said the Basque leader.

“He would have been the deputy head of the government with VIG ERMO. This The level of hatred and insult It’s unbearable and unbearable. “Spain is much better than these Ultras,”said the director of the Cabinet of Ministers of the head of government, Oscar L. oshpiz. “Vig ERMO’s partner. But then tear their clothes for any work, ” he has written, in turn, the The minister of transport, Oscar Puente.

The people’s party rejects Abascal’s statements

In the people’s party, they distance themselves from the statements of the Fox leader and accuse the Socialist Workers ‘Party of” covering up “its agreements with the military councils and the Justice and reconciliation institution with” artificially expanded polemics “in which the people’s party is trying to engage”in a crude way”.

And criticized the sources of the people’s party “Attempted victimization From the Socialist Workers ‘Party for the statements of the head of Fox” which, as they emphasized, they do not share. They emphasized that”the people’s party remembers that the opposition of the Socialist Workers ‘ Party can be carried out without giving Pedro sventchez the media encouragement”.

Which party is headed by Alberto en ermez Vig ERMO He accused the Socialist Workers ‘ Party of trying to “cover up” meetings with military councils outside Spain and dialogue tables with Catalan independents ” with alleged crimes on the other side of the pond.”Thus, the people’s party focused on it on Tuesday taking into account the law Congressional pardons, “The first of the legislative body and, therefore, the most urgent and important for Spain in the opinion of Pedro sventches” and also in that “a week ago a Salvadoran diplomat acted as an arbitrator in relations between Spain and one of its autonomous communities with the complicity of the head of government”.

The Socialist Workers ‘ Party considers the reaction of the people’s party “insufficient” and demands it to break its agreements with Fox

SPD sources criticized the reaction of the people’s party, which they consider ” clearly inadequate “and demand that the party” unequivocally and strongly condemn “statements that” call for violence and are intolerable in a democracy.”

“We demand a leader Popular Party, Alberto N. ermez Vij ERMO, And the main architect of the pacts of the Spanish neo-fascists with the people’s party, to condemn the statements and break their agreements with a political party that day after day stands on the margins of democracy, ” they affirm.

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