The bank is facing a salary audit of its 140,000 employees after some of the results of the

Banks and unions will resume in a few days the negotiation of collective agreements for the period 2024-2026, with the aim of linking salary increases that prevent the 140,000 employees of the sector from losing purchasing power in a little inflation and the benefits of entities.

In the absence of Less than one month until the current agreement expires, The first to sit at the table, on December 12, will be representatives of Esk, Employers of banks established by old savings banks , such as Caixabank, ibercaja or Unicaja, And after two days I will make banks of Arab Islamic Bank, Which include, but are not limited to ، Banco Santander, bpfa, Sabadell or Bankinter.

The trade union part –Skou, Tunisian General Union of Labor and fine– Bet on Work as quickly as possible to reach agreements before the meetings of shareholders of the entities, He called for the first quarter of 2024.

The most important and urgent of these agreements is Salary package, That Look for a 4% improvement in schedules by 2024 and 3% in 2025 and 2026, Some percentages that It can rise to another point if inflation exceeds 4%.

Also They want to set a maximum of 1% interest on loans granted to employees , including mortgages, Union sources explained to the eve agency that they want to approve the most “within two months”.

The unions have already managed a few months ago to reopen the agreements that were in force to consolidate wage increases of 3.5%, in addition to the 1.25% agreed for 2022 and thus mitigate the impact of inflation, which closed the exercise at 5.7%.

The employer of the bank Arab Islamic Bank is confident that the dialogue will culminate in a “balanced” agreement for both parties And remember that Negotiations at the initial stage, Since they started just a month ago, so far they have only had “the first proposals”, which “we always respect”.

The heads of the banks also emphasize that they have always chosen the agreement through the constant dialogue with the unions, as evidenced by the fact that This agreement will be the 25th in its history.

The employer of the old boxes , and Esk, Let it be known , on the other hand, that they are Analyze the entire package of measures that the unions asked to conform to their proposal.

The Three trade union centers They have many common priorities , but the most important is To ensure the restoration of the purchasing power of more than 140,000 workers in this sector, About 83,000 in banking services and about 59,000 in Old cash registers.

For this, the banking unions ask Salary increase between 17 and 23 % in three years, Of a universal nature and without compensation, absorption or similar mechanisms, Which neutralizes the increases agreed by Agreement and includes them in bonuses and bonuses.

They also demand the aforementioned maximum of 1% on the interest charged to employees when they request a loan from the entity, for example a mortgage, something that some entities already agree to individually, such as CaixaBank (1.5%), according to union sources.

“The molds need these measures,” since, If they don’t get it, many employees will see the January minimum as lower than December, due to higher Social Security contributions and interest rate increases.

From another union They ask the employer to be aware of the “sharp deterioration in the working climate” That these workers live and that they understand that If measures are not taken “urgently”, the stability of the sector may be jeopardized.

The employees behaved in a “responsible” manner and responded with “seriousness and genuine commitment in serious crisis situations”, therefore “After many years of losses on labor issues,” negotiations should focus on wage recovery, since the rest of the issues are covered in the Union’s proposals.

These are, in particular, improvements in Aspects such as professional life, occupational health, equality and digital rights, Explain the sources.

On the table of old boxes, the requests are very similar , a salary increase of 17% to 23% For three years of the agreement and 1% cap on employee interest rates Until October 1, 2024 and improve the working climate through employment policies or mental health protection.

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