The best of Isco and the best of Madrid


Isco arrived in Madrid in 2013, With Carlo Ancelotti on the bench. In each of the first two seasons with the Italian he played 53 matches. It was very nominal. In the past, With the same coach on the bench, he played only 17 matches (only three in the starting eleven) and 378 minutes. Almost zero to the left. The first player to break the BBC more or less permanently , taking the place of Bill, He left Madrid in the summer of 2022 With five Champions Leagues, three leagues, 353 matches and the feeling that it could have been more and it wasn’t (Follow the match live on

Lopetegui, that one of his fans, took him to Sevilla in June last year, With the guarantee of his rehabilitation, but He was dismissed in December. With a mixture of dismissal of a technician, his poor performance and The difficult relationship with Munshi was cooked termination. He was out of work for six months (he was about to sign for Union Berlin, but the entanglement of gross and net ruined him) and last summer Pellegrini, who had already managed him in Malaga, believes that he can still shine. Even the most optimistic could not doubt such a resurrection. He offers records similar to those of Sevilla (two more goals, the same assists), but the sensations are radically different. Pellegrini has prepared an ideal scheme for him, a pure midfielder, and he has Take advantage of the vacuum March of channels And for long periods Poor injury Suppose that Team leadership.

The best of Isco and the best of Madrid

She signed for only one season , but The club He set out Its renovation is already underway And there is no press conference for coach Luis de la Fuente who has to justify his No call with red, Where he played 38 matches, the last of which was four years ago. Today will be the last of these exes with grace, although he has not beaten Madrid since leaving Malaga, and the decisive player of Betis who started the day one point away from the Europa League thanks to the transformation of Villamar ocean into a fortress. Seven wins, two draws and the absence of defeats is the balance at home for a team that is difficult to break. He lost only twice in the league during the tournament, The last of them is in Montjuic, against Irma bar, on September 16.


Like Madrid, Pellegrini was saving, with some success, the numerous injuries of his team, especially in the center of defense, forcing Pezzella to play almost everything. Today Beiler Ern and the already known injured will lose Bravo, Sabali, Bartra, William Carvalho and fikir again, More information The last to fall, Guido Rodriguez, the midfielder most used by Pellegrini, a nuclear piece of the team, who broke his fibula in training on Thursday. He will be out for several months. Rhodri, on the other hand, is available and has entered the menu.

Pellegrini, in the last training of Betis,


<span class="mm__cap__txt">Pellegrini, in the last training of Betis,</span><span class="mm__au">Tony Rodriguez</span><span class="mm__src">Diary</span>

A lot of Absence For long periods I opened The hollow a Asien Diao. The Senegalese, who grew up in Badajoz from the age of three, arrived in Betis at the age of 16. His rise was rapid: international for Spain Under-18 and Under-19, The youth star who lost the Champions Cup final with Madrid last year, I jump to the subsidiary, which was called up from the first and Under-21 team and renewed until 2027 with a paragraph from 30 to 40 million depending on the variants. Betis, an overflowing winger, is already preparing a second contract extension to protect himself ahead of the offers that have reached him, as the club’s sporting director, Ram ocean Jets, admitted. At its lowest levels in the last few weeks Pellegrini downplayed his importance: “it’s normal in players of lower categories who produce a certain effect.”

Doubts about the goal

The Madrid, For his part, Reduces to seven his number of victims in connection with the confrontation in front of Granada. Carvajal falls, But Modric and Kepa returned. Lunin made good use of the five matches that the Basque goalkeeper has missed since being injured in the warm-up match against Sporting Braga, which is enough to open a discussion. So much that Ancelotti no longer assures Kepa today , who has a good preferenceTo his greater experience he adds that he has installed: Only ten goals in 13 matches, Infinitely better records than those he gave in Valladolid, athletic and Chelsea (in none of which he did not lower the goal per match on average), and that in almost half of the matches he kept a clean sheet.

Lunin and Kepa, in a preparatory session with Madrid.


<span class="mm__cap__txt">Lunin and Kepa, in a preparatory session with Madrid.</span><span class="mm__au">Juan Martinez, Manuel</span>

Lucas vosquez will be the natural substitute for Carvajal and it is not out of the question that, for the third time in the cycle, Kroos and Modric will coincide in eleven, Because Ceballos is still off the point and because Joselu has left the angel in the area and his alignment means taking Bellingham out of the role of Burda. The plan was to measure the efforts of cross more than in previous years, but the ravages of the FIFA virus did not allow this. Only Valverde and Rodrigo have played more matches this year than him (20 vs. 19). In any case, he did not show any symptoms of fatigue. On the contrary. His last two matches could rank in the top ten of his career.

Certainly Ibrahim, who in just 418 minutes scored three goals and gave one assist, with an average higher than he gave in the three years he spent in Milan, and Rodrigo The Wild, author of a book Seven goals in the last five games. They finished the best for Madrid in the tournament: five wins in a row, with 17 goals scored. A headache for Pellegrini who has not been able to beat his former team since his time at Malaga.

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