The book that Don Quixote gave to the bishop of Luverne is on the waiting list for the Christmas lottery

“That’s what it takes: a good Square”: with these words refers Don Quixote, a classic of Christmas lottery, For the accompaniment that Juan, Bishop of Leuven, had to take this year to the queue of the Teatro Real Madrid. Crowds of people wishing to take pictures with this legendary lottery made him take a companion, although when the ‘usual’ ones are there, he does not need any.

Humor and good feelings are common in the queues at the Teatro Real, the ones you have to do to enter to watch the draw and in which there are many people who attend the draw every year. He Manoli, with her new outfit; There is chucci, who comes from Cantabria; there is also the ‘bishop’ of Luverne and Don Quixote, who had a fun meeting in the central square of Madrid.

Don Quixote He brought a gift to his bishop, And in the eyes of many, he opened it with nerves. “Beware, pull, break it. Over there, gentlemen…”, Says Don Quixote. “What does the book say? What does he say, what does he say? He doesn’t put anything on, eh”. The bishop ends by opening the book to read the title, which does not appear on the cover. When you open it you will discover the address:’The Exorcist‘.

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“What do you think?”, He asks, amused. The “bishop” makes a sign by raising his thumb: “good. Good,” says the “bishop”, in a way. “It is a gift for you to bring us good luck“.

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