The” collusion “between Queen Letizia and Pedro severnchez, analyzed in arrowser @ s:” there is a ” feeling “between them”

“I think they are commenting on the MasterChef final,”says Alfonso archims. “Maybe the person told me about it,”says David Brock. The fact is that we do not have Any idea what they were talking about Queen Letizia And Pedro zimenches When this video was recorded you could see about these lines, but what we do not doubt is that it was something funny.

Maria Moya believes that this is the general trend among the couple. “They showed a lot of understanding.”And in The constitutional oath in the Constitution They were sharing Confidence At lunchtime, Letizia and Pedro severnchez spent half an hour talking, ” adds Tatiana arvers.

Submitted by Arrowzer@s He states that A serious gesture from the King During this day, at a previous event, he was heavily analyzed, but he thinks that, perhaps, what his face shows later has nothing to do with his real state. “Newspaper reports say that corello was formed , where Pedro severnchez was also, and They were all laughing“. For Anders Guerra and David Brock, it makes sense that he gets along better with him than other presidents , such as Mariano Rajoy, “By age, by Affinity, by height…“, They joke.

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