The comment gesture of the Infanta Elena with Juan Carlos I on his birthday

The Infanta Elena achieved Bringing together almost the entire royal family To celebrate his 60th birthday, a date that he returned to The reunion of Juan Carlos I with Felipe VI At a meeting he had a photo that attracted the attention of strangers.

At the exit from the restaurant they went to, the Infanta Elena and her father, the honorary King, drew up a farewell protocol mixing tradition and avant-garde, so to speak. First of all, the Infanta gave Two more kisses To his father, followed by a Reverence. This is where the ‘extravagance’ begins , with a touch on the forehead that simulates making The cross And a Handshake Accompanied by Blow to the chest.

In the end, Elena turned her gaze to the graphic media located there with a smile. According to some experts in the royal family, the influence of his granddaughter could be behind this gesture Victoria Federica. This is how José abizarina tells it, who attributes this “gesture of youth” to the daughter of the Infanta Elena, given her presence on social networks.

The truth is that this is not the first time we have seen this greeting, although it is the clearest. Looking at the newspaper library, the sequence we were able to estimate In August of this year, With the Infanta receiving her father on his third honorary visit to Spain. The gesture was the same: two kisses, a bow, a sign of the cross on the forehead, a bunch of hands and a pat on the chest.

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