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Tango says that 20 years is nothing. Well, it can be applied to 40 with the same philosophy if we refer to the fifth birth of the Eagle, A wonderful generation of football players who have become cult players off the field. Emilio butraginho, Jose Miguel Gonzalez Míchel’ Manuel Sanchís Hontiyuelo, Rafael Martin Vasquez and Miguel Pardeza Pichardo. The first four were born in Madrid (in the forum) and the last in La Palma del Condado (Huelva).

It was on December 4, 1983, that Quinta baptized comrade Julio Cesar Iglesias their first steps on the pages of El País, giving a springboard to bandezaro Alfredo Di Stefano by making their debut in La Condomina, against Real Muria, Sanchís and Martin Vazquez. The first, assuming the page of history they were opening, scored the only goal, the winner, near the end. These guys were blessed and that’s why their first chapter was impregnated with glory.

To the rescue. Let’s not forget that these Beatles from the old Sports City factory broke into our life in the middle of the post-1982 World Cup depression, which was celebrated in Spain with a sad anniversary. This draw against Honduras and the shocking defeat against Ireland Gary Armstrong left us disengaged from the king of sports. Fans turned their eyes to basketball, which, with the help of compatriotantonio de ermaz Miguel, made history with the Silver of the European Championship in Nantes (1983) and the magnificent Olympic final in Los Angeles with the young Michael Jordan in the ranks of the USA.

The Madridismo suffered from the four tournaments conquered by the two Basque teams. Real Sociedad de Arconada (1981 and 1982) and athlete Javier Clemente (1983 and 1984). The Bernabeu was sad and disappointed. Until they appeared. These boys are good-looking, all educated and dressed without strictness. Sons-in-law that mothers at that time wanted for their daughters. In the middle of the Madrilenian movement of the 80’s, with the political and social convulsions inherent in the effects caused by the Tejero coup (1981), this young talent saved the morale of the troops, who found a convincing reason to return to their beloved football beyond the colors of the shirts.

On February 5, 1984, Emilio butraghi ERMO made his debut for Real Madrid against C. ochdez


<span class="mm__cap__txt">On February 5, 1984, Emilio butraghi ERMO made his debut for Real Madrid against C. ochdez</span>

Butraghi ERMO, with such a childish appearance, blond hair and unmasked freckles, was leading his tricks in the area where the stellar appearance of some boys who managed to fill ERMO’s Barnabas before they jumped into the senior team, who came between bewilderment and somewhat jealousy for football and the explosion of generations in this fifth. Camacho, Gallego, Juanito, Santiana, Valdano or San José (then accompanied from 1985 and 1986 by Hugo severnchez, Maceda, Gordillo or Puyo) quickly assumed that the children of Castile were not worthy of recognition. They have come to write one of the most glorious pages in the history of the club. They were so good that since that debut in Murcia they have seen how someone (Sanches Ermes) gave them the win at a time when there was nothing left for Real Madrid from the seniors…

The Bernabeu had already filled their positions to shake with Castilla De La Quinta in an imperial 6-1 match against Tom Ermes revermonese Atletico in a ‘mini derby’, culminating that enthusiastic phase with the great match against Bilbao Athletic From the Salinas brothers, who left people on the street because of overcapacity and this was solved, of course, with a goal from butraghi ERMO. The league ended up being won by Amancio Amaro’s Castilla in the second, a feat not achieved by any other sub-team. Neither in Spain nor in Europe…

In case there is any doubt or if some unbelievers think that these guys will be a flower for one day, butraghi ERMO made his debut in sychems three months later. In Carranza, before Cadiz. Di Sant’eremfano called him a few days ago and Emilio could not believe that he would play a minute. Just in case he persuaded his father to come to him. “Dad, if you finally make my debut for a few minutes, How Will you explain to your grandchildren in the future that you were not there to see me?”. In the first half, Cech would destroy the disfigured Madrid (2-0). And di Sant’eremfano made the big decision: “Darling, protect.”

Martin ocean in ushkiz.


<span class="mm__cap__txt">Martin ocean in ushkiz. </span><span class="mm__src">Taken from Twitter</span>

The eagle came out and in 45 minutes for memory he scored two goals, one of them in the last minute, which completed a comeback (2-3) that elevated him to the category of semi-legend with only half a game in his inexperienced appearance. His good education, family and school allowed him to relativize the wave of success and he knew how to save excessive praise so as not to lose his spherical essence. That’s how from his hand, along with the rest of La Quinta already installed in the first team, European nights arrived in white satin with those epic turnarounds against Borussia im auschengladbach, Inter or Anderlecht.

These children managed to keep Barnabas ERMO small during those five consecutive tournaments (1986 to 1990), which they built by turning every match in the sanctuary of La Castellana into a cult celebration. The Archers and the symphony are on the attack , with a gymnastic somersault by Hugo saverniches, The braxitelli cakes of imshel, the canned food tricks of Mart ocean in ermezkiz , the mousetraps of bardizza and the Picasso targets of butraghi ERMO managed to turn Barnabas ERMO into a party It is still suitable for all audiences.

Only’ but ‘ came with the European Cup,with that night of unfortunate memory in PSV. But they were so good that the Madridistas kept saying that “Madrid De La Quinta” won the 1988 European Cup. Geniuses and personalities. They left a mark. They made history.

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