The first photos of the expats, a miniseries with Nicole Kidman losing control of her exclusive life due to a tragedy

The new short series from Prime Video ‘Expatriates’ is based on the best-selling novel ‘expatriates’, written by Janis J. K. Lee. Lulu Wang is the director of Six episodes starring Nicole Kidman (‘retreat’), Sarao blue (‘I never’) and Ji Yong Yoo (‘Paradise anywhere’). The novel will be released on January 26th.

The story is set In 2014 in a busy, stimulating and hectic Hong Kong Where a privileged American community of expatriate workers lives in American companies.

There are, After a family tragedy, the lives of three American women intersect: Margaret, who lives with her whole family in Hong Kong and is played by Nicole Kidman; Hilary, played by sarayo Blue, who will see her friendship with Margaret broken by fate; and American Mercy, who participates in the life of an expatriate and is played by Ji Yong Yu. It also casts Brian Tee (Chicago Mead) as Margaret Clark’s husband and Jack Huston (Fargo) as Hilary’s husband David.

From this plot, fiction He talks about culture shock and questions the privileges of foreigners in front of local life. In addition, through the drama she explores what happens when the line between victimhood and guilt is blurred.

Kidman’s role in ‘the expat’ He mentions a lot of characters from his latest series like ‘Big Little Lies’ or ‘retreat’ Where she was part of the economic elite of society until the drama broke into her idyllic wealthy life forcing her to leave her comfort zone. The production of the series was also surrounded by controversy, among other things, because it was filmed in the post-pandemic era and the protagonist was accused of skipping quarantine.

Lulu Wang , creator, director and screenwriter From ‘expatriates’ she is also the executive producer of the series with Daniele Melia, for local time. Nicole Kidman also serves as an executive producer With Bear sari for Blossom Films (Nine Perfect Strangers) along with the first screenwriter to join the series, Australian Alice Bell (The Beautiful Lie). Teresa Park for solo productions (“shooting Yang”) and Stan Wlodkowski (“the old guard”) also serve as executive producers. Meanwhile, Vera Miao (two-sentence horror stories), gorsmran Sandhu (game of Thrones), and author Janice Wai-Kee Lee wrote the expatriates with Bell and Wang.

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