The former coach of Serena Williams sends a warning to Rafa Nadal before his return: “if they see you weak…”

Despite the Rafa Nadal It has not yet been officially announced when he will return to the tennis courts , everything looks like he will already be ready Australian Open Championship. So in a little over a month he can be seen at work again. And the tennis world is already waiting for him.

Because everyone is talking about that possible return. The last to do so was Rick Machi, former coach of Serena Williams, Who in an interview with ‘Tennis 365’ issued a warning to the Balearic tennis player.

“As for Rafa’s return , as you get older, you lose a little movement and People are not afraid when they know that you are weak…, “He stated.

“There is not much difference between the players at the top and the guys at the next step, and when they know they have a chance, it’s a completely different thing. Even on clay it can happen“, Says Mackey.

There is a difference, according to the former coach, between Rafa from before and one from now. And this is the fear of rivals: “Rafa is 112-3 in Roland Garros And before the match is over before it starts, you know that they will not defeat him…”. But that could change now.

Of course, Maki “wishes the best” to Rafa, although he does not see him capable of winning an important tournament: “I wish Rafa the best, but he is not exactly at the same level as before , so I don’t think he’s a contender to win a Grand Slam tournament.”

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