The miracle of Fernando Alonso against Sergio Perez in Brazil, the best action of 2023 for the FIA

The end of the Brazilian Grand Prix could not be more exciting. There could not be more Formula 1 fans in Spain waiting for Fernando Alonso. What was happening in that fight, a brutal fight, between the two-time champion and Sergio P. urqurez. From a duel in Interlagos that earned the Asturian to win the prize to The best work of the year At the ceremony of the International Automobile Federation.

And it’s no less, because what the Spanish and Mexican offer provided. What a sight first in the distance and then in the face-to-face. With Red Bull with the SI for a few laps in front of the Aston Martin, and with a perfect defense of Alonso if that was not enough Another gift for the fans.

Hobby certainly experienced how her impulses increased in the face of what was happening and could happen on the right track. Because Alonso surrendered to Perez with a few laps to go. Because Alonso looked like he was going to lose the podium, that third place, in Brazil. But no. Not at all.

And Turn 4…

Fernando had one last trick up his sleeve. On the last lap, after approaching the entry directly to the finish, he took advantage and left a massive ax in Turn 4 to regain third place.

In the end, ‘finish the picture’ to see who was climbing to the podium in Brazil. It was taken by Alonso , who He entered the finish line at 56 ppm From the Aztecs.

Second title in three years

This is the second time Fernando, born in 2014, has won this award. The first , in 2021, when In the Alps, Lewis Hamilton stopped In Hungary for more than ten laps to help Esteban Ocon to snatch the victory.

Alonso, in 2023, won the Carlos Sainz Sr., In order to climb the giant sand dunes of Dakar, to WC’s Dane Cameron for multiple overtaking at Le Mans, to Da Costa from Formula E, to Adrian Formo from the World Rally Championship and Sebastian Montoya from F3.

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