“The people’s party has become a little anti-regime, they are the ones who attack the institutions”

“They’re becoming a little anti-establishment,” he says Journalist Natalia gonchera in Red hot About P. Because in the first place, the journalist emphasizes ,” what is constitutional or not is not decided by Pedro severnchez or fig ERMO , it is decided by the Constitutional Court and The people’s party says that the Constitutional Court It is a district court.”

Secondly, regarding the renewal of the Japanese Communist Party, “the current law belongs to the people’s party, with which the people’s party violates the law and the constitution drawn up by the people’s party itself,” Junquera adds.

That is why “the people’s party is anti-regime, violates the Constitution, attacks institutions saying that the Constitutional Court is a partisan court and violates the very law established by the people’s party,” the journalist insists.

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About the Author: Muhammad Idham