The police managed to arrest extremist minors in Madrid and Barcelona thanks to the internet patrol

The Cyber patrol This is what allowed the National Police Arrest of three minors An “extreme extremist” who has shown intent to commit a terrorist act. The three minors, two in Madrid and one in Barcelona, were using the platform Controversy, Specifically its servers ‘the Spanish Islamic organization’ and ‘the servant of Islam’, with jihadist terrorist propaganda of a violent nature.

The process of locating these young people was carried out by the Commissariat of public information, through a Internet patrol on social networks Which also cooperated regional information battalions in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

On social networks, They published various information related to the hypotheses of the Islamic StateJustifying the use of violence in defense of the Islamic religion and “even going so far as to show their intention to commit an act against those with whom they disagreed, whom they consider apostates”.

As we learned this Tuesday, Minors came to get various explosive manufacturing manuals and manuals on how to manufacture TATP, explosives known as ‘Mother of the devil‘. The minors were arrested as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of indoctrination, self-training of terrorists and conspiracy/suggestion of murder.

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About the Author: Muhammad Idham