The prices that Danny Matteo offers to Wyoming after buying 10% of the ermenika phone

Following the government’s announcement Purchase of 10% of Telefonica shares, Danny Matteo Calls from the company’s headquarters, “from now on the remote operator of workers”, for familiarization Wyoming New tariffs. The first is “Oscar Puente”, who offers “unlimited data to block on Twitter all users who touch his nose”.

Wyoming responds in the video above: “the newest thing I have is a fax machine,” to which Mateo responds by saying ” in that old man’s voice, cascao sounded like a loving elderly citizen.”The contributor also informs you of Tarifa Paula ermus, Consisting of”mobile phone, internet and TV at the same price, 3/1, as with the ministries”.

The last one that is offered to you is the “Mikel Iceta price”, which includes “Spotify Premium And more than a thousand dance music lists”, which Wyoming angrily rejects: “I’m going to put one in the shit they put that I record”.

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About the Author: Muhammad Idham