The shocking agreement that Prince Frederick Marie of Denmark made to sign during pregnancy: this will happen to her if she divorces

After the controversial photos of the prince Frederick from Denmark Leaving Genoveva Casanova’s house After spending the night, Tatiana Arus provides more details about the current state of the Danish Royal House. Frederick from Denmark “continues his professional commitments, as well as Mary from Denmark,” albeit separately. For example, Mary from Denmark again appeared on television giving a lecture.

In addition, after the apparent tension between spouses as a result of controversial photos, Frederick from Denmark made his wife sign When she was four months pregnant with her second child. In this agreement, which could have been by order of Queen Margaret, she had to give up millionaire compensation if she decided to separate, and even wrote that the queen herself was responsible for determining where Mary should live in the event of separation.

Having familiarized themselves with these conditions, Alfonso Arrus analyzes the group of Aruser@s The reputation of Prince Frederick Kafra“Fortunately in Denmark they don’t have Spanish programs because there could have been more than 500 of them.”

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