The siege of Chaffee –

Xavi Hearn ermendez asked for” forgiveness ” from the fans as soon as the match was over. And not only because of the defeat, but above all because of the image of his team, which was overcome from start to finish by the energetic Real Madrid. A bluegrass technician was seen depressed, drowned and practically overcome by circumstances. As much as his words at the press conference opened a door of hope, “Barcelona will definitely come back; if we did it once, we can do it again,” the truth is that his speech sounded hollow and without conviction, as he delivered more of a self-help manual than anything else.

The problem is that inside the locker room there was also no active reaction, as far as he was able to tell…. After a very irregular first half and leaving the court with a score of 3-1, the players expected a version very similar to Xavi’s at Almeria: hitting everything that was put in front of him, shouting from the rooftops, openly pointing, literally tearing his clothes. However, despite the bad first half, the team found Xavi with little desire to talk , made the right slogans, motivated him and asked for more commitment. But no screams, no tantrums, no cruelty and absolutely nothing. One witness noted that” it seemed that he had run out of rope”.

The fact is that things went from bad to worse in the second half, as the team was a puppet of Real Madrid. No reaction, no ambition, no desire, no pride, no commitment, absolutely nothing. The anger in the box was enormous, with Joan Laporta witnessing the humiliation live, and with a very puzzled Xavi on the bench.

Chafee asked for a” reset ” for the team to start from scratch. Tuesday will be an important day for the ejarence coach project , since a summit is scheduled with the team to analyze the defeat. It will be time to sharpen the knives and mark the territory, if you do not do this, the season may be considered lost. In the noble zone, they observe well all the steps that Chafee takes. At the moment, he is still convinced that he is able to turn the situation around and get the team out of the impasse. However, many in the club consider that he is running out of arguments. Thursday’s Cup match against Unionistas and especially the match against Betis in La Liga may end up dictating a penalty.

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