This is how she signed in Gmail to geolocate her

This TikTok video teaches us that we must be careful when it comes to Lending our mobile phone For anyone, even someone from the closest circle of friends and family. The user @Lou.Jimenezo In this post he tells about what happened to him with a person from his past, from He’s been spying on her for a whole year.

She only lent him her phone for a while while he went to the bathroom. “This person disappeared from my life because for life-related reasons I stopped communicating , but I kept coming across her like a heavy. I was on my way home and found her. I was going to a restaurant and this person would come…”, And so on for twelve months.

The girl mentioned it one day to a friend. “Have you seen that I don’t haveLogin to some accounts Who is this person?”, He asked her. She went to check it and, to her surprise, saw that her friend’s suspicions were true. “You can see which devices have your session logged in and it shows you where iPhone Lo is. It’s a panic. It’s scary.”

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