Today, in the crisis cabinet, Emilio Domenech debuts ‘cyber attack’, the last episode of the season

Tonight, Emilio Domenech And he analyzes at 22: 30 in lasixta whether a massive cyberattack could “disconnect” an entire city and cause the collapse of all basic services. And the answer is yes. A well-organized cyberattack can bring our society to total zero, a scenario in which no service connected to the internet is functioning properly, and in which it may take months to restore normal life. Emilio remained oblivious to the fact that something like this could happen in Spain until a hacker hijacks his computer and demands an unbearable ransom for him to take back control. Consciousness sometimes hurts.

Emilio meets in this installment with Nate Gentile, Cyber security specialist YouTuber; Roman Ramirez director of RootedCON the most important cyber security event in Spain ; Ruben Santamarta researcher of critical infrastructure vulnerabilities; Enrique Perez de Tena head of joint Cyberspace Command cooperation ; Andres Soriano director of Cyber Security Laboratory Universae; Julio Mayol, director of innovation unit of the San Carlos Research Institute of Madrid Conference; Juan Maria Cabo head of cyber attacks group of the National Police

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