Today, in the crisis government, Emilio Domenech finds out whether Spain is ready to face a nuclear accident

Lasixta for the first time tonight, at 22: 30 a new edition of The crisis cabinet, the new program presented by Emilio Domenech, The young journalist specializing in American politics, known on social networks as nansimo. In this second program of the season, the journalist will analyze how prepared we are for the crisis, and in his second broadcast he will focus on the safety of our nuclear power plants and whether we are ready for an atomic accident.

We have five nuclear power plants in Spain Which contributes 20 % of the energy we consume in our homes and industry. In general, they are safe facilities. The last major accident was the Fukushima accident in 2011. But, as all experts say, there is no one hundred percent security. To check the degree of safety of our plants, Emilio travels to Tarragona to visit part of the Vandel ocheres II, in C. ocheres analyzes how a radiation leak from the Almaraz plant can affect the environment, and in the hospital of LA in de Valle oceencia investigates the effects of radiation on human health.

Emilio Domenech’s interview in crisis government a Experts in nuclear safety, environment and health To analyze the safety of our nuclear power plants and talk in this chapter with Juan Carlos lentejo, president of the Nuclear Safety Council; Xavier lambrich and Braulio Conejo, firefighter and maintenance technician at the Vandell OS I plant, which suffered the most serious accident in our history; aliger Irma Montoro, head of the Radiation Protection Department at La Fe hospital; germ ocean orizola, researcher in evolutionary ecology in extreme environments at the University of Oviedo; Cristina Ruiz, activist in the Iberian group against nuclear weapons at the University of Oviedo; Alfredo Jarque Irma, nuclear operator of ASCO; Adela mo ermuz, professor of chemistry and radiation expert; and Montse Goodall, head of communications at anav.

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