Today, in the special envoy, gales de la Serna travels to Dubai, a city that defies nature with the stroke of a checkbook

Thirty years of strangeness turned out Dubai, The economic capital of the country that hosted the honorary King, in The city of excesses and whims. One of the regions of the planet with the most environmental problems and the largest ecological footprint. However, the international community has chosen the UAE for the celebration Cup 28United Nations conference on Climate change From 2023.

To get to know in depth about the luxuries, standard of living and Pharaonic projects in this country, Gales de la Serna And a team of Special envoy They travel to the city through which up to 40% of the world’s gold passes, and thanks to their economic power, the Bears built artificial islands, planted clouds and attracted a foreign millionaire. His last wish is to become a sustainable place.

The new season of the special envoy

In this six-part documentary series, which constitutes Season four From this popular form of the series, gales de la Serna travels , again, by Asia, Africa, America To report what is happening there. These are terrible places where the clothes we throw away cause environmental tragedies; girls and women are exploited by tourists with money; or clouds are planted and the environment is manipulated.

In addition, in the classes of the Special Envoy we will be able to see how There are people who live isolated from the world, Are exposed to tyrants who sustain themselves thanks to the energy wealth they sell to third countries; places where Children are working to provide us with cocoaAnd in it people die becauseAntibiotics are no longer effective Because of their huge work.

Some of the situations that we will have knowledge about through this program, including We will no longer be able to defend ignorance And only this we can contribute to the reverse.

Since the premiere on lasixta, ‘enviado special’ has been visited on average 7.8% of the share, With an average following of 1.2 million viewers and about 3.7 million unique viewers per broadcast. In addition, the documentary space increased by as much as 10% in the commercial target, surpassing its main competitor.

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