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L’equipe: Madrid demands written guarantees from mbabé

Kylian Mbappe’s situation takes on a different character every day. This time L’equipe analyzes the situation that Real Madrid is going through on this issue. Although the situation is the same as just two years ago, The White leaders had made some key decisions regarding registration with mbabé. Although the idea of a January 15 deadline for a response from the attacker was leaked, this was debunked.

“It would be suicidal when now we have all the freedom and the end of the season to negotiate and come to an agreement with him,”explains one of them. However, the top officials of the club in the Spanish capital will not have the ambition to convince Mbappe, That he had long been aware of his desire to sign it and had in his hands the economic conditions proposed by Real, which Meringue will not give up and what will be an unprecedented thing for a player in the White House”, Explains the prestigious French media.

There is no pressure and there is no need for it to be a verbal agreement. If Mbappe decides to communicate and negotiate with Real Madrid, it should be with an official document. “Also to avoid suffering this disappointment again, in case of a positive response, they want to ask for written guarantees,” they admit. “Inside the Madrid club, it is currently estimated that Mbappe is closer to leaving and his decision may come around the knockout stages of the Champions League.”

“Confident, but cautious, the leaders of Madrid are patiently waiting for the final selection of the French international, who remains Florentino P. ochrez’s summer priority, Although some send the message that mbabé is no longer an absolute necessity For the Madrid Council. As in the spring of 2022, as Real Madrid was ready to make enormous economic efforts and meet all the requirements of the star.”

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